Roland TU-500 Universal Remote User Manual

Thank you very much for purchasing the automatic media take-up unit.
To ensure correct and safe usage with a full understanding of this
product's performance, please be sure to read through this manual
completely and store it in a safe location.
Unauthorized copying or transferral, in whole or in part, of this manual
is prohibited.
The contents of this operation manual and the specifications of this
product are subject to change without notice.
The operation manual and the product have been prepared and tested as
much as possible. If you find any misprint or error, please inform us.
Page 1—18
Automatic media take-up unit
This user's manual is a bilingual document for English-
speaking users and Japanese-speaking users of the TU-400,
TU-500, TU-60, or TU-70.
TU-400 TU-500
TU-60 TU-70