Toshiba 43L621U Flat Panel Television User Manual

43" / 49" / 55" / 65" 2160p 60Hz LED Google Cast™ TV
Installing the stands or wall-mount bracket
If you want to place your TV on a table or in an entertainment center, go to Installing the stands (43" or 65" model) or
Installing the stands (49" or 55" model).
If you want to mount your TV on a wall, go to Installing a wall-mount bracket.
Installing the stands (43" or 65" model)
1 Carefully place your TV face-down on a cushioned, clean surface to protect the screen from damages and scratches.
2 Secure each TV stand leg to the back of your TV with two of the provided screws.
If you plan to wall-mount your TV, do not install the stands.
Store the stands and stand screws in case you decide to use the stands
in the future.
Screw type Screw length # of screws
43" M5 27 mm 4
65" M5 20 mm 4