Sharp LC-65N7000U Flat Panel Television User Manual

Quick Problem-Solving Tips
When you experience an issue with your TV, turn it off and on again. If this does not resolve the problem, then refer to
the tips below. If the problem is still not resolved, then contact us.
No sound or picture
• Check if the power cord is plugged into a powered AC outlet.
• Press the
button on the remote control to activate the unit from ‘Standby’
• Check to see if the LED light is on or not. If it is, then the TV is receiving power.
I have connected an external
source to my TV and I get no
picture and/or sound
• Check for the correct output connection on the external source and for the
correct input connection on the TV.
• Make sure you have made the correct selection for the input mode for the
incoming signal.
When I turn on my TV, there is a
delay for a few seconds before
the picture appears. Is this
• Yes, this is normal. The TV is initializing and searching for previous setting
The picture is normal but there is
no sound
• Check the volume settings.
• Check if ‘Mute’ mode is set to On.
Sound but no picture or black
and white picture
• If the picture is black and white, unplug the TV from the AC outlet and replug it
after 60 seconds.
• Check that the Color is set to 50 or higher.
• Try different TV channels.
The sound and/or picture is
distorted or appears wavy
• An electric appliance may be affecting the TV. Turn off any appliances that are
nearby and move it farther away from the TV.
• Insert the power plug of the TV set into another power outlet.
The sound and picture is blurry
or cuts out
• If using an external antenna, check the direction, position and connection of the
• Adjust the direction of your antenna or reset or fine tune the channel.
A horizontal or vertical stripe
appears on the picture and/or
the picture is shaking
• Check if there is an appliance or electric tool nearby that is causing
The plastic cabinet makes a
“clicking” type of sound
• The ‘click’ sound can occur when the temperature of the television changes.
This change causes the television cabinet to expand or contract, which makes
the sound. This is normal and the TV is OK.
The remote control does not
• Confirm that TV still has power and is operational.
• Change the batteries in the remote control.
• Check if the batteries are correctly installed.
• For usage in Mexico , operation of this equipment is subject to the following two conditions : 1 ) it is possible that
this device doesn’t cause any detrimental interference and 2 ) this device must take any kind of interference,
including that which may cause its malfunctioning.