Audiovox D1917 DVD Player User Manual

J. Playing Audio CDs
When playing an audio CD press the DISPLAY button repeatedly on
the remote to view time information. The options below are displayed
in the folowing sequence.
CD Display Mode
Single Elapsed:The current track playing and elapsed playing time of
that track is displayed on the screen.
Single Remain:The current track playing and the amount of time
left to play on the track.
Single Elapsed
Single Remain
Total Elapsed
Total Remain
Display Off
During playback press ZOOM to enlarge the picture by 2X, 3X , 4X.
(1) Press ZOOMone time, the picture will be enlarged 2X.
(2) Press ZOOM a second time, the picture will be enlarged 3X.
(3) Press ZOOM a third time, the picture will be enlarged 4X.
(4) Press ZOOM a fourth time, the picture will return to normal size.
Single Elapsed When Playing Audio CDs
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