Audiovox D1917 DVD Player User Manual

*Plugging into Headphone jack 1 disables the internal speakers.
4. SD/MMC/MS Card and Thumb Drive/Digital Cameras
With no disc in the unit, insert either an SD/MMC/MS card, Thumb Drive,
or digital camera with JPEG or MP3 files into the appropriate input.
1) Insert an SD/MMC/MS Card into the SD/MMC/MS Slot on the front of
the unit.
2) Insert a Thumb Drive into the USB jack on the left side of the unit.
3) Connect the USB cable (not supplied) from a camera into the USB
port on the left side of the unit.
4) Press the DVD/SD-USB button. Choose the folder you desire by us-
ing the UP and DOWN buttons.
Design and Specifications are subject to change for product
improvement without notice.
M. Playing JPEG Files
1)Load the JPEG Disc into tray.
2)The DVD player will display a folder and the JPEGS contained within
the folder in a thumbnail view. Choose the picture you desire by using
the UP and DOWN buttons.
3)You can view the JPEG file you selected by pressing
PLAY or ENTER buttons.
4)Pressing the DOWN button rotates the picture 90 degrees
5)Pressing the UP Key will return to the JPEG menu.
6)When previewing the file, pressing SUBTITLE, AUDIO or
AB, an icon will appear on the display indicating that these options
are not available.
Figure 5
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