Audiovox D1917 DVD Player User Manual

Total Elapsed:The current track playing and the total time that the
CD has been playing.
Total Remain:The current track playing and the amount of time
remaining on the CD.
Display Off:The CD time information is not displayed.
The default mode for the Repeat feature is OFF. Pressing REPEAT
consecutively changes the repeat options:
Track- repeats the track that is playing.
All- repeats the disc that is playing.
Repeat Off
As you toggle through the options, the repeat option changes. The selected
repeat option loops repeatedly until you turn it off.
K. Playing MP3 Discs
MP3 is a format for storing digital audio. An audio CD-quality song is
compressed into the MP3 format with very little loss of audio quality
while taking up much less disc space. CD-R /RW discs that have
been encoded in MP3 format are compatible with this system.
When an MP3 disc is inserted into the unit, the menu screen appears
automatically. You can use the menu screen to select your desired
folders and songs or the system plays the songs in the order they
were burned onto the disc.
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