Audiovox D1917 DVD Player User Manual

2. Remote Control (Refer to Figure 3)
1) Setup Button
2) Up Button
3) Skip - Button
4) Enter Button
5) Reverse/Left Keypad
6) Down Button
7) Numeric Buttons
8) Display Button
9) Zoom Button
10) DVD/SD-USB Button
11) Skip + Button
12) A-B Repeat Button
13) Forward/Right Keypad
14) 1/All Repeat Button
15) Stop Button
16) Menu Button
17) Subtitle Button
18) Audio Button
19) Play/Pause Button
F. Loading and Playing a Disc
a. After connecting power to the unit, power on the DVD player with
the power switch. The power indicator will light.
b. Open the disc tray by sliding the OPEN switch in the direction of
the arrow. Place a disc in the tray with label side facing up.
c. Close the tray by pressing the area marked PRESS . The unit will
load the disc and start playing.
d. Rotate VOLUME to adjust the LCDs brightness and the DVD
players volume.
e. To stop playing a disc, press STOP.
Figure 3
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