Audiovox D8000XP DVD Player User Manual

Track Repeat
a. During playback press 1/ALLREPEAT repeatedly to cycle through
the repeat modes.
TRACKCHAPTER: Repeat the current track
ALL: Repeat all tracks
REPEAT OFF: Resume normal playback
The Chapter repeat display is shown below:
M. Playing MP3 Discs
MP3 is a format for storing digital audio. An audio CD-quality song is
compressed into the MP3 format with very little loss of audio quality
while taking up much less disc space. CD-R /RW discs that have
been encoded in MP3 format are compatible with this system.
1.Open the disc tray by sliding the OPEN switch in the direction
of the arrow and place a disc into the tray with the label side
facing up.
2. Close the tray by pressing the area marked PRESS on the
disc door.
3. Using the LEFT button highlight the AUDIO icon in the main
menu page.
4.Press OK button to automatically play the first song. The
audio tracks are displayed on the left side of the screen. Artist
information is displayed on the right of the screen when
available. Use the UP or DOWN buttons to select the desired
track then press the OK button to play.