Audiovox D8000XP DVD Player User Manual

The default mode for the Repeat feature is OFF. Pressing REPEAT
consecutively changes the repeat options:
Repeat One (repeat playback of a song)
Repeat All (repeat playback of all the songs)
Repeat Off (normal playback)
As you toggle through the options, the repeat mode changes. The
selected repeat mode loops repeatedly until you turn it off.
N. Playing SD/MMC/MS Card / USB disc
1). Insert the SD/MMC/MS Card/USB disc into SD/MMC/MS card
slot/USB slot.
2). Press the SD/DVD Button on the Remote Control to access the
SD Menu.
3).Using the cursor buttons move the selection box to Photo.
Press ENTER button to access the Slide Show mode.The
photos will automatically display one after another.
4).Press ENTER again to access the Pause. The player will display
a single image. You can use the PREV. and NEXT button to
select a photo.
5). Press ENTER three times to enter Digest mode.Thumbnail
images of the photos appear in a table. Use the Left and Right
button to navigate through the thumbnails.