Audiovox D8000XP DVD Player User Manual

G. Remote Control
Pull out the insulating tab to connect the battery. Aim the front
of the remote directly at the sensor on the player. If the remote
control range gradually decreases the battery probably needs
replacing with a new CR2025 or equivalent coin cell type. In-
structions to replace the battery are illustrated on the underside
of the remote control .
If the Remote Control is not to be used for a long time, remove
the battery to avoid corrosion damage caused by battery
WARNING: Dispose of the lithium battery in an enviromentally
responsible manner. Do not dispose of a lithium battery in a fire
as the battery will explode! Please observe lithium battery warn-
ing on page 5.
1) Setup Button
2) Up Button
3) Skip- Button
4) Enter Button
5) Reverse/Left Keypad
6) Down Button
7) Numeric Buttons
8) Display Button
9) Zoom Button
10) SD/DVD Button
11) Skip+ Button
12) A-B Repeat Button
13) Forward/Right Keypad
14) 1/All Repeat Button
15) Stop Button
16) Menu Button
17) Subtitle Button
18) Audio Button
19) Play/Pause Button
Pull out plastic tab to connect the battery.