Audiovox D8000XP DVD Player User Manual

S. Rechargeable Battery Installation and Use
The DVD player utilizes a set of long-life Li-Polymer batteries to provide
for portability. Li-Polymer batteries feature high storage capacity and
low level of degradation. The Li-Polymer batteries do not have Memory
Effect and thus can be recharged safely regardless of whether the
battery is fully or only partially discharged. Please fully charge the bat-
tery prior to first use.
NOTE: When the DVD player is used with the battery as a power
source, ensure that the battery has been charged for at least eight
hours prior to connecting it to the DVD player.
Do not short the battery terminals, store the battery in a metal container,
or leave the battery in a humid or damp environment. Ideally, store the
battery in an airtight container with desiccant or other dehumidifying
agent. Each full recharge takes approximately five-hours and one full
charge can provide power to the player for up to 3 hours.
Precautions related to Battery Recharge:
1. Once the battery is fully discharged, immediately recharge (regard-
less of whether you plan to use battery or not) in order to maximize
battery life.
2. To charge the battery, please connect the power jack directly into the
unit. During recharge, the red indicator will stay on. Once fully recharged,
the red light will turn off. At this point you may remove the wall plug and
stop charging.
Using and Maintaining your Rechargeable Batteries
1. Please make sure you always use only the AC adapter included
with the player to recharge your batteries.
2. Recharge efficiency will degrade when environmental temperatures
drop below 50
F (10
C) or exceed 95
F (35
3. Please remove battery from the player and store it properly if the
player is not to be used for long time. During this period, please re-
charge the battery at least once every two months to avoid irreparable
damage to the battery.