Audiovox D8000XP DVD Player User Manual

U. Troubleshooting
Make sure your DVD is connected properly.
Make sure all cables are securely inserted
into the appropriate jacks.
You cant advance through the opening
credits and warning information that appears
at the beginning of movies because the disc
is programmed to prohibit that action.
Cant advance
through a movie
No sound or
distorted sound
Picture is
The disc might be damaged. Try another
It is normal for some distortion to appear
during forward or reverse scan.
Some discs have sections that prohibit rapid
scanning or title and chapter skip.
If you try to skip through the warning infor-
mation and credits at the beginning of a
movie, you wont be able to. This part of the
movie is often programmed to prohibit
skipping through it.
No forward or
reverse scan