Toshiba D-RW2SU DVR User Manual

Precautions (cont’d)
Installation Location
For safety and optimum performance of this unit:
Install the unit in a horizontal and stable position.
Do not place anything directly on top of the unit. Do
not place the unit directly on top of the TV.
Shield it from direct sunlight and keep it away from
sources of intense heat. Avoid dusty or humid
places. Avoid places with insufficient ventilation for
proper heat dissipation. Do not block the ventilation
holes on the sides of the unit. Avoid locations
subject to strong vibration or strong magnetic fields.
Avoid the Hazards of Electrical
Shock and Fire
Do not handle the power cord with wet hands.
Do not pull on the power cord when disconnecting
it from AC wall outlet. Grasp it by the plug.
If, by accident, water is spilled on this unit, unplug
the power cord immediately and take the unit to
authorized service centers for servicing.
(For questions regarding authorized service
centers, call TACP’s Consumer Solution Center
mentioned on page 155 or, for Canada, call TCL
customer support line mentioned on page 156.)
Moisture Condensation Warning
Moisture condensation may occur inside the unit
when it is moved from a cold place to a warm place
or after heating a cold room or under conditions of
high humidity. Do not use this unit at least for 2
hours until its inside gets dry.
About Copyright
The unauthorized recording, use, distribution, or
revision of television programs, videotapes, DVDs
and other materials, is prohibited under the
Copyright Laws of the United States and other
countries, and may subject you to civil and/or
criminal liability.
This product incorporates copyright protection
technology that is protected by U.S. patents and
other intellectual property rights. Use of this
copyright protection technology must be authorized
by Macrovision, and is intended for home and other
limited viewing uses only unless otherwise
authorized by Macrovision. Reverse engineering or
disassembly is prohibited.
Notice for Progressive Scan
Consumers should note that not all high definition
television sets are fully compatible with this product
and may cause artifacts to be displayed in the
picture. In case of picture problems with 525
progressive scan output, it is recommended that
the user switch the connection to the ‘standard
definition’ output. If there are questions regarding
your TV set compatibility with this 525p DVD
recorder, please contact TACP’s Consumer
Solution Center or ,for Canada, TCL customer
support line.
Supplied Accessory
Remote control (NB306UD) with two AA batteries
RF cable (WPZ0901TM002)
Audio/Video cables (WPZ0152TM014)
Quick Guide (1VMN22370)
Quick Guide - Español (1VMN22574)
Return Stop Sheet (1VMN22116)
Registration card (1VMN22393)
Owner's Manual