Toshiba D-RW2SU DVR User Manual

This DVD unit not only plays DVDs and CDs but also offers features for you to record to DVD discs and edit them
after that.
The following features are offered with this unit.
This unit is compatible with both DVD-RW which is
rewritable repeatedly, and DVD-R which is available for
recording once. You can choose either one for your
Up to 8 program recording:
You can program the unit to record up to 8 programs,
within a month in advance. Daily or weekly program
recordings are also available.
One-touch Timer Recording:
You can easily set a recording time as you prefer.
Every time [REC I] is pressed during recording, the
recording time will be increased by 30 minutes up to 8
hours. The unit will automatically turn off when the
recording time you set is reached.
Automatic Chapter marks setting:
Chapter marks will be put on recordings as you set in
the Setup menu before attempting to record.
Automatic Title menu making:
The unit makes title menus automatically when
finalizing the disc which are recorded in Video mode.
Automatic Playlist making (VR mode):
A Playlist will be prepared from Original titles, so that
you can edit titles in a Playlist as you prefer.
An Original title is kept as it is.
Automatic finalizing (Video mode):
You can finalize discs after finishing all Timer
Recordings or at the end of the disc space
automatically as you set in the Setup menu.
Left channel stereo recording:
This unit can record the sound of the Left channel
monaural input as Left and Right channels
automatically (the input from the LINE 2 only).
Theater surround sound in your home:
When connecting the unit to an amplifier or a decoder
which is compatible with Dolby Digital or DTS, you
are allowed to experience the theater surround sound
from discs with surround sound system.
Quick search for what you want to watch:
You can easily find the part you want to watch using
the search function. Search for a desired point on a
disc by title, chapter, track, or time.
Start to play from Original and Playlist:
Title playing is available from either Original titles or
Virtual Surround System:
You can enjoy stereophonic space through your
exciting 2 channel stereo system.
Playing back MP3 and WMA disc:
You can enjoy MP3 and WMA files which are
recorded on CD-R/RW.
JPEG Picture Viewer:
JPEG files formatted on CD-R/RW can be played.
Deleting titles:
You can delete titles which you do not need anymore.
Making your own Playlist:
With the original remains as it is, you can edit titles on
various Playlist as you prefer.
Editing title names
Setting pictures for thumbnails
Adding or deleting chapter marks
Dividing a title/ combining titles
Deleting parts of titles etc.
Protecting titles:
To avoid editing or erasing titles, the protect function
is useful when it is ON in the Original titles.
Available for playing discs recorded in Video
mode on a regular DVD player (Video mode):
Discs recorded in Video mode can be played on
regular DVD players, including computer DVD drives
compatible with DVD-Video playback*. You will need
to finalize the discs recorded in Video mode to play in
other DVD players.
* DVD-Video Format (Video mode) is a new format for
recording on DVD-R/RW discs that was approved by
the DVD Forum in 2000. Adoption of this format is
optional for manufactures of DVD playback devices
and there are DVD-Video players, DVD-ROM drives
or other DVD playback devices that do not play DVD-
R/RW discs recorded in the DVD-Video Format.
Progressive Scan system
Unlike conventional interlace scanning, the
progressive scan system provides less flickering and
images in higher resolution than that of traditional
television signals.