Technicolor - Thomson 33ms25ud CRT Television User Manual

Pro Logic
Sound settings
Sound type
Sound mode
Treble centre
Bass centre
Ext. subwoofer
Ext. amplifier
Test balance
Balance L/R
Centre volume
Surround volume
Daily viewing
Daily viewing
Sound Settings
The television set fitted with a Dolby Pro Logic decoder lets you create a cinema studio sound quality in your
own home with a coded Dolby Surround signal or you can enjoy special sound effects (with a stereo or
mono signal) by connecting 2 pairs of loudspeakers (on some models), one pair of speakers or simply using
the sound facilities of the television set.
Turn on the main switch and connect the speakers to the appropriate sockets. The black terminals of the
speakers must be connected to the black terminals of the television set (likewise for the red terminals) (see
Speaker Connection, page 23).
Display the SUMMARY using the
key on
the remote control. Select the line marked
. Validate using .The SOUND menu
is displayed.
Select and set the proposed options. Use
the information below to help you.
Sound settings :
Use this menu to set the sound effect of your
To display the SOUND SETTINGS menu, select
the line and press
According to your set-up, activate:
- the external bass box ( Ext. subwoofer
- the external line* (Ext. amplifier line).
- the rear speakers (Surround line).
Test balance
Activate this function, then set the following to
the same sound level (according to your
- the balance between the left and right
channels (Balance L/R line)
- the volume of the central channel (Centre
volume line)
- the volume of the rear speakers (Surround
volume line)
To return to the SOUND menu
*Ext. amplifier
You can use external amplifiers instead of the television configuration (see Speaker Connection, page 23):
Amplifier with a Dolby Pro Logic decoder:
- Connect the left (L) and right (R) CINCH plugs from the television set to your amplifier.
- If there are rear speakers (Surround) disconnect them from the television set.
- Select Normal mode from the SOUND menu.
- Set the sound using the amplifier.