Technicolor - Thomson 33ms25ud CRT Television User Manual

Call up Teletext / Toptext / Fastext
(purple button)
To leave a menu or Teletext
Display of channel, time, sound (yellow
button) (and zoom for models with zoom)
To use the remote control for
your TV set or video recorder
Video recorder functions
This key is active only when using the
(blue key)
Illumination of remote control
Call up programme list
(green button)
Reminder of picture preferences
(red button)
Confirm an action or validate a
menu option
Volume adjustment
Sound mute
Selecting appliances
connected to the television
(AV1, AV2 ...)
For programme numbers higher
than 10, press the
key on the
remote control: ”- -” appears on the
screen. Now use the number keys
on the remote control to enter first
the tens digit then the units digit.
Go to programmes and enter
numerical values
in menus
Change programme
Move Up/Down
in menus
Right/Left Selection
within menus and
Zoom Function (for models with this
The red, green, yellow and
blue keys are also used for
the Teletext.
Go to
adjustment function MENU
Please respect the environment! Before throwing any batteries away, consult your
distributor who may be able to take them back for specific recycling.
Remote control
Remote control
Television Functions