Technicolor - Thomson 33ms25ud CRT Television User Manual

About this manual
This document is common to several television models. Therefore, certain functions or settings may not apply to
the model you have purchased
About the switch
The position of the ON/OFF switch differs depending on the model. It may be located on the front or on the
right-hand side of your set (see the drawing inside the cover page of your manual).
About safety
To ensure your own safety and safe operation of the equipment, observe the following instructions
TV sets require sufficient ventilation to prevent their components from overheating, which will cause failure. Do not
block the ventilation openings at the rear. If you place your TV set in a special piece of furniture, make sure there
is enough space for unhindered air circulation. Do not place the TV set in the close vicinity of a heater.
The TV set has been designed for use in dry rooms. Should you use it, in exceptional circumstances in the open
air (example: on the balcony, in the veranda or tent), you must absolutely protect it against moisture (dew, rain,
splash water). Before switching on a cold TV set in a warm room, you should wait until any condensation in the
screen has dried by itself.
Maximum ambient temperature: 35°C
Maximum humidity: 85%
By the end of your TV evening or when away from home for a longer period, we recommend that you turn off the
TV set with the On/Off-switch.
The mains plug must be easily accessible.
In the following cases, we recommend that you pull out the mains connector:
1. During a thunderstorm. In such a case, it is advisable that you also disconnect the TV set from the aerial socket.
2. When odour or smoke emanates from the set.
Never attempt to open your TV set yourself.
Further information:
The TV set shielding is sufficient to prevent X-radiation to the exterior.
Any operation performed by a non skilled person, change of high voltage or replacement of the picture tube by a
model not complying with the manufacturer specification are likely to cause considerable increase in X-radiation.
A TV set modified in such a way no longer complies with the manufacturers’ specification and must not be used.
About cleaning
The screen is to be cleaned with liquid glass cleaners.
Never use abrasive products.
Clean the cabinet with a soft cloth soaked with neutral cleaner. Do not use solvents, such as white spirit or
alcohol-based cleaning products since they may damage your television.
At regular intervals, clean the ventilation grids at the rear of the TV set.
About degaussing
The terrestrial magnetic field may have an influence on your TV set. This influence is revealed by the coloured
spots, which appear on the screen.
Should this be the case:
Turn the equipment off by means of the On/Off-switch.
Wait about one hour before switching the set on again.
This procedure performs automatic degaussing of the screen. Should there still be coloured spots on the screen,
repeat the operation.
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