Technicolor - Thomson 33ms25ud CRT Television User Manual

Set the remote control to
Selecting appliances con-
nected to the VCR (AV1,
To change programme
These buttons have the
same functions as some of
recorder remote control (if
it is from our brand)
To switch your video
recorder on or off
Go to programmes and
enter numerical values
VCR functions
(rewind, play, forward, ...)
Remote control
Video Recorder Functions
You can use your remote control for some functions on most brands of video recorders. Before
using it, you must enter the code of your video recorder in the table on the next page, following the
adjustment procedure described below.
You may find that this remote control is not compatible with your brand of video recorder or
that some functions are not available.
Entering your code
Using the Video Recorder
Set the remote control to VCR.
2.While holding down the but-
ton enter a 3-digit code correspon-
3.Release the button
4.Switch off your video recorder by
pressing the
5.If the VCR does not switch off, try
one of the other codes correspon-
ding to your video recorder.
When you change the bat-
teries, you will have to
enter the maker’s code