Technicolor - Thomson 33ms25ud CRT Television User Manual

Sleep timer
Current time
Wake-up timer
Wake-up time
Programme number
Select the line marked Return to return to the previous
00 : 00
11 : 28
07 : 07
01 BBC1
Daily viewing
You can use this menu to switch your
television onor off automatically at aset
Display the SUMMARY using the key on
the remote control. Select the line marked
Time. Validate using
.TheTIME menu is
Sleep timer :
Use the Left/Right keysto choosehow longyou
wish to view before the television switches off.
Thetelevisionwill switchoff automatically atthe
end of this period. To cancel, set to 00:00.
One minute before switching off, a message will
inform you that the television is about to go off.
If you wish to keep it on, press any key on the
remote control or the local keyboard.
The television switches to Child lock mode after
an automatic stop. It can only be switched on
again from the remote control.
Current time :
The current time is given by the Teletext (see PERSONAL SETTINGS menu). You can also set the time manually
using the number keys (0 to 9) on your remote control.
Wake-up timer :
If you wish to be woken upby your television on the channel of your choice, you must first set the television
clock to the correct time (see above).
Use the Left/Right keys to tick the box and display the Wake-up timer menu.
lines Wake-up time, Programme number and Daily only appear if you have ticked the box on the
line marked Wake-up timer.
Wake-up time :
Use the number keys (0 to 9) on the remote control to set the time at which you wish to be woken.
Programme number :
Daily :
Tick this boxif youwish tobe awakenedat this time every day.
Exit the menu using
Set the television to standby using the
key on the remote control. The red indicator light on the television
The television will come on automatically at the programmed time and will go off one hour later if you do not use
the remote control.