Toshiba MW27H62 DVD VCR Combo User Manual

Function setup (DVD)
Customizing the function settings (Continued)
Setting details
Menu, Subtitle, Audio
You can select the language of “Menu”, “Subtitle” and
“Audio” if more than one languages are recorded onto
the disc.
English, Francais, Espanol:
The selected language will be heard or seen.
Other language can be selected (see “Language
code list” on page 72).
Original (Audio):
The unit will select the first-priority language of
each disc.
Off (Subtitle):
Subtitles do not appear.
If the selected language is not recorded on the disc, the
first-priority language is selected.
If you want to change the OSD language, you can perform
it by TV MENU (see page 23).
TV Screen
You have the following screen sizes to choose from:
(Letter box):
Select this mode when connecting to a conventional
TV. When playing back a wide screen-DVD disc, it
displays the wide picture with black bands at the
top and bottom of screen.
(Pan scan):
It displays the wide picture on the whole screen
with left and right edges automatically cut off.
Press OPEN/CLOSE to view in the selected screen size.
If the DVD disc is not formatted in the Pan & scan style, it will
display 4:3 style.
On screen display can be switched on or off when you
press any buttons.
On: On screen displays appear when you press
the buttons (factory setting).
Off: On screen displays do not appear when you
press any buttons.
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