Audiovox D1800 DVD Player User Manual

Read all of the safety and operating instructions before operating the system
and retain for future reference.
Do not attempt to service, repair or modify the DVD Player. See your dealer for
qualified service personnel.
Do not insert foreign objects into the DVD compartment.
The front of the liquid crystal display (LCD) screen may break when hit with a
hard surface. If the screen is broken, do not touch the liquid crystalline material.
In case of contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water.
NOTE: Do not expose the liquid crystal display (LCD) screen to direct sunlight or intensive
ultraviolet rays for extensive periods of time. Ultraviolet rays deteriorate the liquid crystal.
Be sure to review User Manuals for video games and video game equipment
when used as auxiliary inputs for your DVD Player.
Environmental Extremes
Exposing the D1800 to harsh environmental conditions may be damaged or may
perform at less than maximum capability. Whenever possible avoid exposing your
DVD player to:
Extremely Hot or Cold Temperatures.
Direct Sunlight.
High Humidity.
Dusty Environment.
Locations where strong magnetic fields are generated.
Humidity and Moisture Condensation
Temperature Extremes
When the vehicle is parked under direct sunlight or in an extremely cold place for a
long period of time, wait until the cabin temperature of the vehicle is at normal
temperature before operating the system.
Humidity and Moisture Condensation
Under extremely humid conditions or when moving the DVD Player from a cold
place to a warm place moisture in the air may condense. Moisture condensation
may cause damage to the DVD and/or player. If moisture condensation occurs, do
not insert a CD or DVD into the player. If one is already in the player, remove it.
Turn the DVD Player ON to dry the moisture before inserting a DVD. This could
take an hour or more.