Audiovox D1800 DVD Player User Manual

Skipping Songs
Use the Next (
l ) button on the remote control to move to the next song. Use the Previous ( l
) button
to move to the beginning of the currently playing song. Press the button again to move to the previous song.
Using The Repeat Feature
The default mode for the Repeat feature is OFF. Pressing REPEAT consecutively changes the
repeat options:
REP-ONE- repeats the songs that are playing.
FOLDER REP- repeats the folder that is playing.
FOLDER- turns off repeat and returns to regular play mode.
Selecting a Play Mode
You can choose what order the songs will play on a disc temporarily. The FOLDER play
mode is the default. To access the play mode options, press STOP if the disc is playing. Press
the right arrow button until the PLAY MODE option is highlighted. Use the up or down arrow
to choose a option. The play mode options are:
SINGLE: Play a selected song.
REP_ONE: Repeats the song that is playing.
FOLDER: Plays the folder in the order the songs were recorded.
FOLDER R: Repeats the folder that is playing.
DISC SCAN: Plays from beginning of each song for 10 seconds.
DISC: Plays the entire disc.
DISC: REP: Repeats the entire disc.
RANDOM: Plays the songs in the random order.
SHUFFLE: Plays the songs in random order (from within the selected folder)
PROG-END (Program End): Plays the songs on the disc in the order you have
programmed (you must create a playlist to set the order you want the tracks on the disc to
play). When you are creating a playlist, this option changes to PROGRAM.
Program Play
To use the program play option, you must create a playlist of songs in the order you want them
to play.
NOTE: Once you begin adding songs from a folder to create your play list, you cannot add
songs from a different folder.
1. Highlight the song you want to program.
2. Choose the “PROG-END” option from the “PLAY” mode then press Enter to change
the option to PROGRAM.
3. Add songs to the program list by pressing “ENTER” once the song is highlighted. The
song you have chosen and the number of songs you have chosen appear at the top of
the screen.