Audiovox D1800 DVD Player User Manual

Foreign Substances
Exercise care to prevent dirt and foreign objects from entering the DVD Player
compartment. Be especially careful not to spill liquids of any kind onto the media
controls or into the system. If liquid is accidentally spilled onto the system,
immediately turn the system OFF and consult a qualified service technician.
Cleaning the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Clean the display screen by using a damp soft cloth. Rub the screen gently until the
dust, dirt or fingerprints are removed. Do not spray the screen directly with water or
glass cleaning solvents. Over spray from these fluids could drip down into the
internal electronics of the screen and cause damage. Do not apply excessive
pressure while cleaning the screen.
Cleaning Compact Discs
Inspect all discs for contamination before playing. If necessary, clean discs only
with an approved CD cleaner and wipe from the center out to the edge. Do not use
circular motion.
Cleaning the DVD Player
Clean the exterior of the DVD player with a damp cloth. Do not use CD cleaning kits
or CDs intended to clean the interior of your DVD player. Use of these products may
damage your system.