Audiovox D1800 DVD Player User Manual

The following describes how to play a disc in the D1800.
1. Press the “PUSH OPEN” button to unlock and open the disc compartment
2. Press the “POWER” button to power on the unit, the Power LED will light up to
indicate that the unit is on and is reading the disc.
3. During play:
(a) Press the “ENTER” button in stop mode to start the playback of a disc.
(b) Press the “PAUSE” button in play mode to stop the playback of a disc
temporarily. To continue the playback of the disc, press the “PAUSE”
button again.
(c) Press the “STOP” button to stop playback of the disc.
(d) Press the “SET UP” button to adjust starting to SET UP DVD FUNCTION
to obtain the best playing status.
(e) Press the “PREV/NEXT” button for returning to the PREV/NEXT menu.
(f) Press the ‘FF/BF” button to start the fast forward/fast backward function.
(g) To remove the disc from the disc compartment, press the “PUSH OPEN”
button to stop the player and open the compartment cover. Wait until the
disc is no longer spinning before removing the disc.
(h) To turn the player off, press the “POWER” button and the Power LED will
shut off indicating that the unit is off.