Fisher SRT-7168 VCR User Manual

Use only video cassette tapes bearing the w logo. This
VCR was primarily designed for use with T-120 or T-160
cassette tapes, it is recommended to use T-120 or T-160
standard grade VHS video cassette tapes for optimal
Handling Cassette Tapes
The cassette tapes should always be stored vertically, in
their cases, away from high temperatures, magnetic
fields, direct sunlight, dirt, dust and locations subject to
mold formation.
Do not tamper with the cassette mechanism and never
touch the tape with your fingers.
Protect the cassette tapes from shocks or strong
To Protect your Recordings
After having recorded a tape, if you wish to keep the
recording, use a flathead screwdriver to break off the
erasure-prevention tab on the cassette.
To record again on a tape without erasure-prevention tab,
cover the hole with adhesive tape.
Precautions concerning the video
cassette tapes
œ Do not use tapes that are damaged, tapes that have
been cut and repaired or tapes that have been altered
in any way.
œ Some rewinders may entangle the tape, and therefore
their use is not recommended.
œ When tapes are recorded over and over again, the
recording quality will deteriorate. Refer to “Concerning
the Number of Times Tapes can be Rerecorded on” on
page 14, and replace the tape with a new tape as
1 Place the cassette, label side up, in the loading slot.
Gently push the center of the cassette until it is
loaded automatically.
The time display will switch to the reset counter
“0:00:00” display.
After the cassette tape is loaded, a mechanism
will operate for about 5 seconds to check that
the tape has been threaded correctly and the
cassette indicator
will blink during that
When the cassette is loaded, if the tape has
been threaded correctly, the cassette indicator
will light on the digital display.
œ If you try to record on a cassette without
erasure-prevention tab, the VCR will eject the cassette.
1 In stop mode, press the EJECT button.
The cassette is automatically ejected.
œ Do not insert any object in the cassette loading slot, as
that may cause injury and damages to the VCR.
œ If your hand gets stuck in the cassette loading slot,
unplug the power cord and consult the dealer where
the unit was bought. Do not forcibly pull the hand out
as that may cause severe injuries.
Erasure-prevention tab
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