Fisher SRT-7168 VCR User Manual

œ During timer recording or timer recording stand-by, all
the buttons on the VCR, except the TIMER button and
the buttons to set/cancel the security lock (see page
30), are disabled.
œ If the power fails, the recording will be interrupted.
When the power is restored, the recording will resume
if the stop time has not yet been reached, and “P” will
be displayed on the digital display. The VCR internal
battery is completely recharged after the VCR has
been connected to a live outlet for 48 hours, and it will
maintain all the VCR settings memory for up to 30 days.
œ Set the timer recordings so that the recording times do
not overlap. If they do, the one with the earliest
recording start time will have priority. (See chart below.)
œ To set two or more timer recordings for a same day of
the week, turn the JOG dial, until the day of the week
for the second recording is flashing, then turn the
SHUTTLE ring, to set the desired day of the week.
œ If no timer recording is set or a cassette without
erasure-prevention tab is loaded, when the TIMER
button is pressed the timer recording indicator “n” will
start flashing and a buzzer will be heard.
œ If “OFF” is displayed on the digital display, timer
recording is not possible in order to prevent the
recorded tape to be recorded over.
Program 1
These portions will
not be recorded
10:00PM8:00PM 9:00PM
Program 2
Program 3
RC4QR/U (SRT-7168 GB) Mon. Sept., 11/2000
English 23