Fisher SRT-7168 VCR User Manual

Alarm Recording Counter Display
œ During alarm recording, “AL” will be flashing on the
digital display.
œ If the ON SCREEN switch is set to the “ON” position,
the number of alarms will flash on the monitor screen.
œ The maximum display number of alarm recordings is
“999”, at the next alarm recording the counter will
indicate “000”.
œ When the (ALARM TIME) menu is displayed, press the
MENU RESET button to reset the alarm counter to
“000” (all the data of the (ALARM TIME) menu is reset).
Connections to the ALARM IN/OUT
œ Alarm input signal
Connect a make-contact (no voltage) switch between
the ALARM IN and COM terminals.
œ Alarm output signal
Normally DC 5V are output between the ALARM OUT
and the COM terminals. When an alarm input (trigger)
is received and the unit is recording, the output falls to
0V. Once the alarm recording is over, the output
returns to DC 5V.
Checking the Alarm Recordings Time
1 Press the MENU button until the (ALARM TIME)
menu is displayed.
The number of alarm recordings, and the 8 most
recent alarm recording times are displayed.
œ The data for the previous alarm recordings is
2 Press the SEARCH button, the normal screen is
œ If the MENU RESET button is pressed while the
(ALARM TIME) menu is displayed, the displayed data
is erased. “AL” will be erased from the digital display.
RC4QR/U (SRT-7168 GB) Mon. Sept., 11/2000
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