Fisher SRT-7168 VCR User Manual

If the unit does not operate normally when you follow the instructions indicated in the manual, please refer to the table
No power The power cord is not connected Connect the power cord
No image displayed on
the monitor TV
The connections are not correct Check that all connections are correct
The power to the camera and/or monitor TV
is not turned on
Turn all connected devices power on
The buttons do not
A cassette tape is not loaded Load a cassette and turn the power on
All functions are suspended due to
Wait for the “À” indicator to go off
Alarm recording Wait for the alarm recording to end
The security lock is engaged Cancel the security lock
Recording is not
possible (the tape is
The loaded cassette has no
erasure-prevention tab
Load a cassette tape with
erasure-prevention tab or cover the tab hole
with adhesive tape
Autorepeat recording is
not possible
“AL” is displayed on the digital display Display (ALARM TIME) menu, then press
the MENU RESET button to turn off the “AL”
Timer recording is not
The date and time are not set correctly Set the date and time correctly
The unit is not set to timer recording
stand-by mode
Press the TIMER button to display “n” on
the digital display
“N” is selected for the timer recordings Be sure to select “Y” for the programmed
timer recordings
Alarm recording is not
“OFF” is displayed on the digital display Press the EJECT, STOP or PLAY button or
turn the SHUTTLE ring to turn the indicator
Noise in the playback
The video heads need cleaning Clean the video heads
The date and time are
not recorded
The ON SCREEN switch is set to the “OFF”
Set the ON SCREEN switch to the “ON”
The cassette tape
cannot be ejected
Problem with the system Unplug the power cord then plug it back in
The cassette is ejected
a few seconds after it
has been inserted
The tape is not threaded correctly Try inserting the cassette one more time or
using a new cassette. If it is ejected again,
please consult your dealer.
After a Power Failure
If after a power failure the recording speed is reset to
8-hour mode, it is due to insufficient backup battery
charge. This is not a malfunction.
System Down
If the unit does not function at all, try the following.
1 Unplug the power cord then plug it back in.
2 Reset the memory. (Press the ALL RESET button.
Under normal conditions, do not touch the ALL
RESET button.)
3 If the problem is not corrected after performing steps
1 and 2 a few times, consult your dealer.
RC4QR/U (SRT-7168 GB) Mon. Sept., 11/2000
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