Fisher SRT-7168 VCR User Manual

Normal Playback
1 Turn on the power to the VCR and TV monitor.
2 Load the video cassette tape.
3 Press the REC/PLAY SPEED l (or j) button to
select the playback speed mode.
The selected playback speed mode is displayed
on the digital display.
œ A slow motion effect or accelerated playback effect
can be achieved by using a slower or faster
playback speed than the speed used for recording.
4 Press the PLAY button.
Playback starts.
If necessary, adjust the tracking to eliminate the
noise from the picture.
If the image is unstable (rolling vertically), adjust
the vertical lock control to correct.
5 To stop playback, press the STOP button.
To advance or rewind the tape, turn the
ring clockwise or counterclockwise.
œ If a tape recorded in SP mode on a standard VCR is
loaded, playback will be done in 2-hour mode.
œ This real time video recorder can playback recordings
made on a time lapse VCR from the same
œ A tape recorded on a time lapse VCR produced by
another manufacturer may not play back with the same
degree of clarity on this unit.
œ When used with a multiplexer in 24- or 40-hour mode
playback (or when the TAPE SELECT switch is set to
“T-120”, in 18- or 30-hour mode playback), the image
may roll vertically. In such a case, in menu (SET UP 3)
set “VERTICAL SYNC.” to “N”.
Tracking Control
If there is noise in the image during playback,
1 While looking at the playback picture, press and hold
the TRACKING/V. STILL+ button to minimize the
2 If it cannot be minimized, press the TRACKING/V.
STILL– button.
Vertical Lock Control
During still image mode,
1 Press and hold the TRACKING/V. STILL+ button to
reduce the vertical rolling of the image.
2 If it cannot be corrected, press the TRACKING/V.
STILL– button.
Sharpness Control
Turn the SHARPNESS control clockwise or
counterclockwise for the desired sharpness of the image.
Audio Playback
œ Audio playback is only possible in 8-hour, 24-hour and
40-hour modes. (When the TAPE SELECT switch is
set to “T-120”, in 6-hour, 18-hour and 30-hour modes.)
œ The playback speed has to be the same as the
recording speed, for normal playback of the audio.
RC4QR/U (SRT-7168 GB) Mon. Sept., 11/2000
English 27