Vizio P50-C1 Flat Panel Television User Manual

Android Quick Settings
Use the Quick Settings menu to easily access frequently used settings such as
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and brightness controls. To access the Quick Settings menu,
swipe down from the top of the screen with two ngers (or twice with one nger).
Wi-Fi network
Tap the icon to turn Wi-Fi on or o. Tap the Wi-Fi network name to
open the Wi-Fi settings menu.
Bluetooth settings
Tap the icon to turn Bluetooth on or o. Tap the word Bluetooth to
open the Bluetooth settings menu.
Display brightness
Slide the icon to lower or increase the brightness of
your screen. Left to lower, right to increase.
Airplane mode
Tap to turn airplane mode on or o. Airplane mode means your tablet
won’t connect to a Wi-Fi signal, even when one is available.
Tap to turn location services on or o. When turned on, certain apps
can give you more relevant information, such as nearby restaurants
or trac conditions.
Cast screen
Tap to cast your tablet’s screen to Google Cast enabled devices.