Vizio P50-C1 Flat Panel Television User Manual

Active LED Zones
Dynamically improves the
contrast ratio of the picture
by adjusting the backlight. The
adjustment is controlled by the
content on the screen. Swipe left
to Disable and right to Enable.
Reduce Judder
Activates Smooth-Motion motion
estimation/motion compensation,
which suppresses motion judder,
or “studdering” of the image
when the camera moves across a
scene horizontally. As the setting
increases, judder is reduced.
Reduce Motion Blur
Increase frame rate to reduce
motion blur of 60hz video. As the
setting increases, motion blur is
Clear Action
When enabled, reduces blur in scenes with fast action. Some
sensitive viewers may notice ickering. Swipe left to Disable and
right to Enable.
Reduce Signal Noise
Diminishes artifacts in the image caused by digitizing of image motion
content. Select O, Low, Medium, or High.
Reduce Block Noise
Reduces pixelation and distortion for mpeg les. Select O, Low,
Medium, or High.
Game Low Latency
Reduces video delay (lag) when gaming. Swipe left to Disable and
right to Enable.
Picture Size
Increases/decreases the vertical and horizontal size of the displayed
Picture Position
Adjusts the vertical/horizontal positions of the picture to ensure the
image is centered and completely lls the screen.
Film Mode
Optimizes the picture for watching lm. Select O or Auto.
Color Space
Select Color Space for the source. Video sources uses YCbCr. PCs use RGB.
Set the shape of the Gamma curve. Use lower Gamma values for bright
room conditions and higher values for dark room conditions.
* Not available on HDMI 5 input.
** Only available on HDMI inputs.