Vizio P50-C1 Flat Panel Television User Manual

Save Picture Mode
Save a custom picture mode.
Lock Picture Mode
Prevent changes to custom picture
Delete Picture Mode
Delete a custom picture mode. Inputs assigned to that custom picture
mode will be set to Calibrated picture mode. (Available after a custom
picture mode is saved)
Reset Picture Mode
Reset the picture mode settings to the factory default values.
Adjusting the Picture Mode Edit Settings
Picture Mode Settings allow you to make precise adjustments to the picture and
to create picture modes to save groups of picture settings.
* Only available on customized preset modes.
Saving a Custom Picture Mode
Custom picture modes allow you to save a group of custom settings for various
viewing conditions and video sources. Changes made while on any preset picture
mode will add an asterisk (*) on the top right corner of the present mode.
Note: Custom picture modes are not automatically saved.
To save a custom picture mode:
1. From the Picture Mode Edit menu,
select Save Picture Mode.
2. Use the on-screen keyboard to
enter a name for your custom
picture mode.
3. Tap Save when you are done.