Vizio P50-C1 Flat Panel Television User Manual

Organizing your Android Home screens
Change your wallpaper, add a widget, or change screen order by touching and
holding the background of any Home screen.
You can have an unlimited number of Home screens to the right. To add a new
screen, swipe to the rightmost screen and drag an app or widget to the right
edge of the screen. (The screen to the left of the main Home screen is only for
Google Now)
To create a folder, simply drag and drop one app over another on a Home screen.
Name or rename a fold by opening it and tapping the name.
Changing the wallpaper
1. Tap and hold the background of a Home screen. Then tap the Wallpapers
icon .
2. Choose an included wallpaper image or an image from your Photos,
Downloads, or Drive by tapping Pick Image.
Adding an app icon to a Home screen
1. Navigate to the Home screen that you want to place the app icon.
2. Tap the All Apps icon .
3. Tap and hold the app until the Home screen appears. Let go of the app to
place the icon to the Home screen.
Widgets provide a quick view or way to access information on your home screen.
1. To add a Widget, tap and hold the background a Home screen. Then tap
the Widgets icon .
2. Select a Widget by tapping and holding on it. Continue holding on to it and
hover over the Home screen you want to place the Widget on. Release
your nger to place the Widget.
To move an app or widget:
1. Tap and hold the app icon or widget.
2. Position it where you like and release your nger. To move between Home
screens, slide your nger (while holding) to the edge of the screen.