Panasonic DMR-E60 DVD Recorder User Manual

Error messages
On the television Page
On the unit’s display
No disc. You haven’t inserted a disc. Correctly insert a disc that this unit can use.
The disc is upside down. If it is a single-sided disc, insert it so the label is facing up.
This is non-recordable disc. The unit cannot record on the disc you inserted. Insert a DVD-RAM or unfinalized DVD-R.
You inserted an unformatted DVD-RAM. Format the disc with this unit.
This disc is not formatted
Please format the disc in ‘DISC
SETTING’ to record.
Cannot write into this card. You cannot format a microdrive or mobile hard disk on this unit.
This disc cannot be read. You inserted an incompatible disc. 10
Please check write protect tab
on the disc.
The write-protect tab on the cartridge is set to PROTECT.
Use a ballpoint pen or similar to release the write protection.
Contents of this disc are pro-
The program is write-protected. Cancel the protection.
The disc is write-protected. Cancel Disc Protection.
Cannot finish recording com-
The program was copy-guarded.
No space left on the disc.
Create space by erasing any unwanted programs. [RAM]
Use a new disc. [RAM] [DVD-R]
Recording was not completed for some other reason.
Cannot record on the disc. The disc is scratched. Use another disc.
The disc is dirty.
You inserted an incompatible disc.
Disc is full. No space left on the disc.
Create space by erasing any unwanted programs. [RAM]
Use a new disc. [RAM] [DVD-R]
Please set clock. The clock is not set. 47
This disc may not be played in
your region.
You tried to play a disc with a region number different from this unit’s region number. This unit
can only play discs with the region numbers compatible with this unit (1, All, or including the
number 1).
Your selection exceeds the
recorder’s rating limit.
A ratings level has been set for DVD-Video with this unit. Unlock the unit with “Ratings” in
Finalizing is necessary for
compatible playback.
To enable playback of your DVD-R on compatible equipment, it is necessary to finalize it.
No PC card.
No valid PC card.
No SD card.
No valid SD card.
The card is not inserted. If this message is displayed with a compatible card already inserted,
turn off the power, remove and then re-insert the card.
The card format does not match.
The card inserted is not compatible.
Please check write protect tab. Release the protection on the card.
Release the protection on the DVD-RAM.
No folder There is no compatible folder in this unit. 11
Cannot write. The card is currently protected Release the write protection.
There is no space remaining. Erase any unwanted files (still pictures).
Error has occurred. Please
press [ENTER].
A serious, but temporary error has occurred and one of the unit’s safety devices has activated.
Press [ENTER]. The unit switches to the standby mode. Press [Í, DVD POWER] to turn the
unit on again.
NO READ The disc is dirty or badly scratched.
Clean the disc if it is dirty.
The disc cannot be played if it is scratched and this display doesn’t disappear.
The unit cannot read the disc.
You have used a DVD-RAM/PD lens cleaner and it has finished.
UNSUPPORT You have inserted a disc the unit cannot play or record on. 10
U14 The unit is hot.
The unit switches to standby automatically for safety reasons and you cannot operate it.
Wait for about 30 minutes for the service number to disappear.
Select a position with good ventilation when installing the unit.
Do not block the cooling fan on the rear of the unit.
U99 The unit fails to operate properly. Press [POWER Í/I] on the main unit to switch the unit to
standby. Now press [POWER Í/I] on the main unit again to turn the unit on.
CHK REMOTE The remote control and main unit are using different codes. Change the code on the remote
RECOVER There was a power failure or the AC plug was disconnected while the power was on. The unit is
carrying out its recovery process. Wait until the message disappears.