Toshiba 65L621U Flat Panel Television User Manual

43L621U / 49L621U / 55L621U / 65L621U 43" / 49" / 55" / 65" 2160p 60Hz LED Google Cast™ TV
DVI (same as HDMI but requires an audio connection)
1 Make sure that your TV’s power cord is unplugged and all connected equipment is turned off.
2 Connect the incoming cable from the cable wall jack to the cable-in jack on the cable or satellite box.
3 Connect an HDMI-DVI adapter (not provided) to one end of an HDMI cable (not provided), then connect the adapter
to the DVI OUT jack on the cable or satellite box.
4 Connect the other end of the cable to one of the HDMI IN jacks on the side of your TV.
5 Plug your TV’s power cord into a power outlet, turn on your TV, then turn on the cable or satellite box.
6 Press INPUT to open the Input Selection list.
7 Press
to highlight HDMI 1, HDMI 2, or HDMI 3, then press OK.
Your TV supports DVI video only. To add sound for a DVI connection,
connect external speakers or a soundbar to the cable or satellite box.
Cable or
satellite box
HDMI cable with
HDMI-DVI adapter
Side of TV
HDMI cable
HDMI IN jack
On your TV
wall jack
43"/65" models
49"/55" models