Toshiba 65L621U Flat Panel Television User Manual

43" / 49" / 55" / 65" 2160p 60Hz LED Google Cast™ TV
19 Tap What's On.
After setting up Google Cast, your TV's menu language, time zone, and daylight savings time settings should be set
automatically to match the settings on your mobile device.
If the settings are not correct or you want to change the settings, see:
Setting the time zone and Daylight Saving Time status on page 82.
Selecting the menu language on page 83.
If you connected cable TV without a box or an external antenna to the ANT / CABLE IN jack, set up the ANT / CABLE IN
jack and scan for channels. See:
Setting up the ANT / CABLE IN jack on page 55
Automatically scanning for channels on page 71.
Casting a video, movie, or TV show
After you set up Google Cast on your TV and mobile device, you are ready to cast videos, movies and TV shows.
1 On your mobile device, make sure that Wifi is turned on.
2 Open a Google Cast-enabled app.
3 Tap the video, movie, or TV program you want to cast, then tap (Google Cast button).
4 Tap the device you want to cast to.
5 To stop casting, tap , then tap Stop casting.