Toshiba 65L621U Flat Panel Television User Manual

43" / 49" / 55" / 65" 2160p 60Hz LED Google Cast™ TV
Adjusting the sound
This section covers:
Adjusting sound settings
Playing TV audio only
Adjusting sound settings
You can adjust sound settings to improve the sound
1 Press MENU, press
to highlight Sound,
then press OK.
2 Highlight an option, then press OK. You can select:
Sound Mode—Selects the sound mode. You
can select Standard, Music, Movie, Clear Voice,
or Enhanced Bass.
Reset—Resets all sound settings to the factory
Balance—Adjusts the balance between the left
and right audio channels.
Bass—Adjusts the low sounds.
Treble—Adjusts the high sounds.
Advanced Sound Settings—Opens the
Advanced Sound Settings menu where you can
adjust additional sound options.
Dialog Clarity—Adjusts the volume of
dialog when watching movies or TV
programs. You can select Off, Low, or High.
Surround—Delivers clear, crisp, and natural
sound over front facing speaker
configurations, complete with rich bass, high
frequency detail, and clear dialog. You can
select Off or TruSurround.
TruVolume—Keeps the volume level
consistent when switching between content
types, for example when switching between
a progam and a commercial. You can select
On or Off.
TV Speakers—Turns your TV’s speakers on or
off. You can select:
Auto—Turns off the TV speakers when you
connect a device to the jack.
On—Keeps the TV speakers on when you
connect a device to the jack.
Off—Turns off the TV speakers.
MTS—(Analog channels received through the
ANT / CABLE IN jack only) Selects the audio
mode. You can select:
Stereo—Select this option for programs
broadcast in stereo. You can typically leave
your TV in Stereo mode because Stereo
outputs the type of sound being broadcast
(stereo or mono).
Mono—Select this option if there is noise or
static on weak stereo broadcasts.
SAP—Select this option to listen to a
secondary audio program, if available. If you
select this option and no secondary audio
program is available, you may not hear
sound. Change the MTS option to Stereo.
Digital Audio Selection—Lets you
conveniently switch between audio tracks on a
digital channel (when available). This option
temporarily overrides the Primary Audio
Language option on the Sound menu.
Primary Audio Language—Selects the
language for digital channels.
Digital Audio Output—Opens the Digital Audio
Output menu where you can adjust digital audio.
Audio Format—Selects the digital audio
format sent to an external audio system. You
can select:
PCM (to convert and output sound as
PCM (pulse-code modulation) format).
Auto (to pass through the original digital
You can also press Sound to select the
Sound Mode.