Toshiba 65L621U Flat Panel Television User Manual

43L621U / 49L621U / 55L621U / 65L621U 43" / 49" / 55" / 65" 2160p 60Hz LED Google Cast™ TV
Viewing channel information
Press INFO. The following status information is
Current video input (for example ANT/CABLE or
If ANT/CABLE is the current video input, either
CABLE (for cable TV) or ANT (for over-the-air
If ANT/CABLE is the current video input, channel
Digital signal strength indicator
If the audio mode is analog, Stereo, Mono, or
SAP analog audio status
If the input mode is HDMI®, Dolby® Digital, or
Video resolution
Aspect ratio of incoming video signal (4:3 or
TV program or movie rating
•GameTimer (if set)
Pressing INFO also displays the following status
information for digital channels:
Detailed program description
Controlling CEC-compatible
This section covers:
Turning HDMI-CEC Control on or off
Turning TV Auto Power on or off
Turning Auto Standby on or off
Turning Amplifier Control on or off
Selecting the audio output
Using the TV remote to control CEC-compatible
Using the TV menu to control CEC-compatible
Selecting the HDMI Input mode
HDMI CEC Control lets you control HDMI
CEC-compatible devices connected to the HDMI jacks
on your TV using the remote control that came with
your TV. To use HDMI CEC Control, you must set the
Enable HDMI CEC Control setting on the HDMI CEC
Control Setup menu to On.
If you pressed INFO, press INFO again to
close the banner.
HDMI cables must be used to connect
HDMI CEC-compatible devices to your TV.
The connected device’s HDMI CEC feature
must be turned on.
If you connect an HDMI device that is not
HDMI CEC-compatible, none of the
HDMI CEC Control features work.
Depending on the connected HDMI
device, some HDMI CEC Control features
may not work.
When you press INPUT, the Input Selection list
opens. If you select a CEC-compatible video
device connected to an HDMI jack and that
device is connected to a CEC-compatible
audio device, a second selection list opens
that shows both devices.
For example, if you connect a
CEC-compatible Blu-ray player to an HDMI
jack and the Blu-ray player is connected to a
CEC-compatible soundbar, the second input
selection list might appear as follows:
See Selecting the video input source on
page 56.