Toshiba 65L621U Flat Panel Television User Manual

43L621U / 49L621U / 55L621U / 65L621U 43" / 49" / 55" / 65" 2160p 60Hz LED Google Cast™ TV
Connecting headphones
If the TV Speakers option on the Sound menu is set to Auto, the TV speakers are muted when you connect
1 Make sure that your TV is turned on, then connect the headphones to the jack on the side of your TV.
2 In the Headphones/Audio Output screen that opens, press
to highlight Headphones/Audio Out Variable,
then press OK.
Loud noise can damage your hearing. When using headphones, use the
lowest volume setting on your headphones that still lets you hear the sound.
The Headphones/Audio Output screen closes after 30 seconds without any
action. To open the screen again, unplug the headphones, then plug them
back in.
Side of TV
43"/65" models
49"/55" models