Vizio RS65-B2 Flat Panel Television User Manual

3Using VIZIO Internet Apps Plus
(V.I.A. Plus)
VIZIO Internet Apps Plus
(V.I.A. Plus) delivers popular online content
to your TV. V.I.A. Plus features a selection of Apps that allow you to
watch movies and TV shows, listen to music, get weather and news
information, and more–all on demand.
A high-speed Internet connection is required to receive
product updates and to access online content.
See Using the Network Connection Menu on page 20
if your TV is
not yet connected to your home network.
The V.I.A. Plus App Dock is where all of your V.I.A. Apps are accessed.
To launch an App from the Dock:
1. Press the V Button on the remote.
2. Highlight a V.I.A. Plus App by
scrolling left and right using the
Left/Right Arrow buttons on
the remote. (The highlighted App
is in the center of the dock.)
3. Press the OK button on the
remote to launch the App.
V Button
Note: App location, appearance, and availability subject to change without notice.