Vizio RS65-B2 Flat Panel Television User Manual

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Caution: Avoid exposing a drive to magnetic elds.
Security devices with magnetic elds may include
airport walk-through devices and security wands.
Airport conveyor belts or similar security devices that
check carry-on luggage generally use X-rays and should
not cause magnetic damage to drives.
If you are traveling internationally, check the customs regulations
for device use for each country you will visit, and check the power
cord and adapter requirements for each location in which you plan
to use the computer as voltage, frequency and plug congurations
may vary.
Warning: To reduce risk of electric shock, re or
damage to your device or other property, do not
attempt to power the device with a voltage converter
kit sold
for appliances.
Battery Disposal
Caution: Battery cells may explode. Do not dispose of
the battery in a re or with ordinary household waste.
Dispose of batteries promptly. Replace the battery
only with the same or equivalent type of battery
recommended by VIZIO.