Audiovox ADV200S DVD Player User Manual

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14. DISPLAY Button
Press to display DVD Disc current information.
Press DISPLAY button DVD Player Perform
Once Display current TITLE , CHAPTER & elapsed time
Twice Display current SUBTITLE
3 times Display current AUDIO language & channel
4 times Display current surround mode
5 times Display current ANGLE
6 times Display A-B current status
7 times Display REPEAT current status
8 times Display off
For Subtitle, Audio, Surround, Angle, A - B & Repeat, press Enter key repeatedly to change the options. These options may
vary from disc to disc.
Turns FM Modulator power on/off.
16. AUDIO Button
Press this button to display and select the desired AUDIO language. Each time the button is pressed, the language or track
NOTE: The languages & tracks you can select are vary from disc to disc.