Audiovox ADV200S DVD Player User Manual

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Remote Sensor
The ADV200 incorporates two Infrared sensors which relay signals from the
remote control to allow the unit to be controlled simply by pointing its remote
control at the remote sensor eye. The repeater function allows control of
auxiliary equipment such as an Audiovox Video Cassette Player. The infrared
sensor can relay signals from most manufacturer’s remote controls to its
respective component connected to the AV 1 input. In this case you must
use the remote control supplied with the component.
Wireless Headphones
The ADV200 includes a built-in infrared transmitter for use with ADVENT Wireless Headphones (Part Number IRHSN). The volume
can then be adjusted using the controls on each headset. Any number of wireless headphones may be used but they must be
used within a line of sight from the transmitter, as infrared transmissions, like visible light travel only in a straight line. See the
documentation accompanying your Audiovox Wireless Headphones.