Audiovox ADV200S DVD Player User Manual

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1. Press ZOOM until the PROGRAM table is displayed on the screen
as shown in diagram to the right.
Program Play
You can play the tracks on a disc in the desired order using the PROGRAM function.
2. Input the desired tracks using numbers buttons ( 0~9 ) on the
remote as shown in diagram. If you want to program more than 10
songs, you can highlight
and press ENTER to go to the next
3. After creating the programmed list, move the hightlight to START,
and then press ENTER to start playback of the programmed songs.
When the playback of the programmed songs has finished, the DVD player stops and the program list is deleted. To repeat playing the
program list, use the Repeat feature during the program playback.
Deleting a programmed list
To delete the programmed list, press STOP while the programmed list is being played or change to another play mode using the ZOOM button.