Audiovox ADV200S DVD Player User Manual

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Playing DVDs
Press the DISPLAY button on the remote control to display the status banner. Pressing the DISPLAY button consecutively changes the
options as below.
Press DISPLAY button Information display on the screen
Once Current title, chapter and elasped time
Twice Current subtitle information
3 times Current audio language and audio channel
4 times Current surround sound setting
5 times Current angle setting
6 times Current A-B setting
7 times Current repeat status
8 times Display off
Selecting a Chapter
You can skip to a specific chapter by using the numbers keys.
For example, if you want to skip to chapter 2, press ‘02’.
For subtitle, audio, surround, angle, A-B, and repeat, press the
Enter button repeatedly to change the options. These options may
vary from disc to disc.
Using the Repeat Feature
The default mode for the Repeat feature is OFF. Pressing REPEAT consecutively changes the repeat options:
CHAPTER - repeat the chapter that is playing
TITLE - repeat the title that is playing
ALL - repeat the entire disc
REPEAT OFF - turn off repeat function.