Audiovox ADV200S DVD Player User Manual

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Turning the ADV200 On or Off
1. Sliding the screen release lock forward will unlock the LCD screen and it will drop down slightly. Pivot the screen downward until
a comfortable viewing angle is reached. The internal hinge friction will hold the screen in position while the system is in use.
2. Pressing the power button on the unit or the remote control will turn the system on or off alternately. When in use the internal
backlighting will illuminate the controls.
3. After the unit has been turned on load a disc into the disc slot (lable side up). Adjust the viewing angle by pivoting the screen to
optimize the picture quality.
4. Remember to turn the unit off and pivot the LCD to the locked position when not in use.
Overhead Dome Lights
The lights integrated into the ADV200 are controlled by a
three position slide switch. Sliding the switch to the on position
will turn the lights on. The off position will prevent the lights
from turning on at all times, and the auto position will allow
the lights to turn on and off with the vehicle’s interior lighting.
Refer to the Installation Manual for the wire connections.
NOTE: Do not leave the vehicle unattended with the dome
light switch in the on position, as this could result in a
discharged battery.