Audiovox ADV200S DVD Player User Manual

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AUX A/V Input
The ADV200 will accept an audio/video input through the RCA jacks located on the side of the unit. The audio / video device could be
a video game system, video camera, or other input device.
Audio/Video Out
The ADV200 provides an AV output for an optional video monitor(s). (Refer to page 6 of the Installation Guide for more details.) This
output will provide an A/V signal that duplicates the signal processed by the ADV200 to an additional monitor or video display. The
audio signal can also be used to feed an AUX input on a vehicle radio if available. Please see your installer for more information.
DVD Basics
To get the optimum use out of the DVD player, make sure you read this section completely.
Regional Coding
Both the DVD player and disc are coded by region. These regional codes must match in order for the disc to play. If the codes don’t
match, the disc won’t play. This unit’s code is region 1. Other regional codes cannot be played in this unit. The unit will display