Audiovox ADV200S DVD Player User Manual

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Control Function Descriptions
1. DVD Disc insertion slot – For loading Disc.
2. POWER Button – Used to turn the system ON/OFF. Bright
red when system is on, dim when off.
3. EJECT ( ) Button – For ejecting discs from the disc
4. PLAY ( ) Button – This button is used to start playback
of a disc.
5. STOP ( ) Button – To stop playback.
6. Infrared Transmitter and Sensor – Use to transmit audio
to the wireless headphones. Also allows the remote control
to operate the ADV200 and to control other accessories in
the system.
7. ADV200 Ventilation Opening.
8. Dome Lights – Provide additional interior illumination.
9. SOURCE Select – Used to select one of the three sources
(DVD, AV1, AUX, *TV Optional).
10. ( + ) Button – Used to increase levels in the picture adjust
11. PICTURE SELECT Button – Allows the user enter the
picture adjustment mode.
12. ( – ) Button – Used to decrease levels in the picture
adjustment mode.
13. Auxiliary Audio Right Input.
14. Auxiliary Audio Left Input.
15. Auxiliary Video Input.
16. Side Remote Sensor Eye – Allows the remote control to
operate the ADV200, control volume to the wired headphone
jacks and control the other accessories.
17. Drop Down LCD Panel.
18. Headphone Jacks – Allow the use of wired headphones
with a 1/8” plug for listening to the video program audio.
19. Screen release – Moves in direction of the arrow to release
the drop down screen.
20. VOLUME ( ) Button – Use this button to raise the volume
level of the headphone jacks.
* Consult the PODTVT Installation/Owner’s Manual for optional
TV tuner instructions.