Audiovox ADV200S DVD Player User Manual

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2. In order to Go to the desired page, move the highlight using the cursor button or to the desired icon and press enter or button .
3. After entering the desired page, highlight the desired item using the or cursor button and press enter.
4. Press
or to select the desired options, and then press ENTER to confirm the selection.
5. Repeat steps 3~4 to continue setting the items in the same Setup Page.
6. To change to another Setup page, press until the highlight moves back to the icon on the top part of the Setup Menu. Then, repeat
steps 2~5.
Exiting the Setup Menu
Press the SETUP button again or Move the highlight to " " icon and then press ENTER.
Settings and Adjustments
The Setup Menu contains features and options that let you customize your DVD player. For example, you can set a language for the on-screen
display, limit playback for children, load default settings for the picture quality etc.
Using the Setup Menu
1. Press the SETUP button on the remote. The Setup Menu appears
on the screen as shown in the diagram to the right. There are 5
icons on the top part of the Setup Menu. Each icon represents a
Main Page
Audio Setup
Password Setup
Preference Setup
Exit Setup