Sharp C-40LE362EN Flat Panel Television User Manual

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Menu Features and Functions
Sound Menu Contents
Volume Adjusts the volume level.
Selects the equalizer mode. Custom settings can be made only when in User
Balance This setting is used for emphasizing left or right speaker balance.
Sets headphone volume.
Sound Mode You can select a sound mode (if the selected channel supports).
AVL (Automatic
Volume Limiting)
This function sets the sound to obtain xed output level between programmes.
When you connect an external amplier to your TV using the headphone jack, you can
select this option as Lineout. If you have connected headphones to the TV, set this
option as Headphone.
Dynamic Bass Enables or disables the Dynamic Bass.
Surround Sound Surround sound mode can be changed as On or Off.
Digital Out
Sets digital out audio type.
Settings Menu Contents
Conditional Access
Controls conditional access modules when available.
Congures language settings (may change depending on the country selected)
Preferred and current settings will be available. Current settings can be changed
only if the broadcaster supports.
Enter correct password to change parental settings. You can easily adjust menu
lock, maturity lock(depending on the country selected) and child lock in this menu.
You can also set a new PIN number.
When Child Lock option is set as “ON”, TV can only be controlled by the remote control handset.
In this case the control panel button will not work
Note: Default PIN can be set to 0000 or 1234. If you have dened the PIN(is requested depending on
the country selection) during the First Time Installation use the PIN that you have dened.
Sets sleep timer to turn off the TV after a certain time. Sets timers for selected
Recording Conguration
Displays the recording conguration menu.
Sets date and time.
Sources Enables or disables selected source options.
Satellite Settings Displays satellite settings. (Satellite support depends on the model)
Network Settings Displays network settings.
Netix (optional)
You can view your ESN(*) number and deactivate Netix.
(*) ESN number is an unique ID number for Netix, created especially to identify your TV.
Other Settings: Displays other setting options of the TV set
Menu Timeout Changes timeout duration for menu screens.
Scan Encrypted
When this setting is on, the search process will locate the encrypted channels as well.
HbbTV You can enable or disable this feature by setting it as On or Off.
Blue Background Activates or deactivates the blue background system when the signal is weak or absent.
Software Upgrade
To ensure that your TV always has the most up to date rmware.
Application Version Displays current software version.